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Crossing warning sign

Crossing guard with barrier

link to photos: HERE
25. 10. 2019

So I decided to build a crossing guard and a mechanical signal.. yep all working and lit and moving. Well up another level in my paper modeling. Well, to keep me from writing too much... I started creating. And I think the first steps are pretty good. Except for a few little things, I think people will like this. Lighted signals are always a success... look, it's blinking... Aren't these people fine.... 

27. 10. 2019

So I've made progress in building the model of the crossing warning light and barrier. For a first time again from scratch it is quite watchable. 

24. 12. 2019

Last days of 2019. Well, I was at the exhibition in Uherské hradiště. There I found out that it is not good to leave close to touch people moving the crossing barrier. I glued it back together twice. 

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