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RC Locomotive 162 - The Big Challenge

RC Locomotive 162 - a big challenge
28. 9. 2022
One thing I have to mention right at the beginning: To thank my wife. Because she supports me, helps me to glue. And she loves the railroad as much as I do. 

Video on youtube HERE

photos HERE

It's January 16, 2022, preparations have begun for a long-gestating remote-controlled paper model project. Yeah, paper. I don't want to use much other material. I mean, outside of electronics and wiring. So I got a rc kit from a friend on Mr. Stoklasa's fb group. As soon as I got home, I started studying the instructions. But let me tell you, I'm not very wise about it. Lots of abbreviations, lots of aviation terms. But I have to convert everything in my head to tracks... And that's a pain in the ass. Fortunately, there's Uncle Google, he's quite good at that.

It took me over two hours to get the hang of it. I was used to the Chinese simple drivers. But this is a step up in class for me. I was able to pair the transmitter with the receiver according to the instructions. But the problem... nothing was moving. So I followed the instructions step by step. I still haven't figured out the other procedures I need to get it working. 

So far I have a travel and two servos. I can't turn the lights on or off yet. 

Everything will be powered by a 5v powerbank.. well two.. one for the travel and the other for the lights and manifolds. Plus some sound. 
It's 28th Jan 2022 and I have to commend the work of Mr Martin Michut - here - his site. His sound model and switches on the RC models are incredibly sophisticated. He is very helpful and patient. I supplied him with the sounds, he put them together and incorporated them into the system ... He even has the same controller, so I really appreciate and value his work. Here's a video of how my locomotive will sing beautifully.


I must also praise the RC PROFI shop, more precisely Mr. Prchal, because he advised me as a layman what all is needed, gave advice and was very helpful. It's not often you see that. Because I have layman questions and he was not unpleasant, he understood what I was about. So I will boldly recommend him to all the same nutters like me . RC PROFI is a good shop and will advise. HERE is the link.

30. 1. 2022

I have moved on quite a bit. I'm still studying various photos, videos and other materials. There is also a Slovakian guy Maroš Lešňák who builds the locomotive as such. Link to his construction: HERE He is building this beauty too. I picked up a lot of things from him. 

This is his model. And yes all of us who will build this model will repaint it, because it is not an exact original. But this guy has it down to a science. Like the reflective vest in the cockpit, the fault book, the instrument lighting. He's a magician, and I'd like to come close to the quality of the workmanship. So when I start, I think this is going to be a very high-profile build. I'm curious to see the results myself. Because a remote-controlled paper model with sound.... Yay. The next base will hopefully be reached. 


Today I decided to sideline the BP930 unit and make it a long term project. In the meantime, I'll get to work building this beauty. The loco should run itself, light up, horn and make other sounds. Everything should be functional via remote control and fully operational in the garden where we are going to build a test track for this scale. So it will be a long time before we will have a state like Maros. 

The first step is always getting familiar with the cutout, studying the instructional drawings and viewing the thousands of images on the goggle. 

18. 02. 2022

Hi, so I've progressed a bit in both model building and other electronic equipment. Well this is one I've made myself a real whipping boy. But it doesn't matter. Thanks to Roman Hanel and Martin Michut from RC-SOUND I have delved into the ins and outs of rc kits and machine control. The first photos of the model or even a video will be in the show ATTENTION TRAIN. Before that there will be nothing. So for now I'm struggling and building when the mood and desire is there. The building is going at a snail's pace and in that time I have to say that the model itself is a blast. The instructional drawings and part markings are more for wizards or oracles. Good thing I'm going to repaint the model. 

It is 07. 03. 2022 and the construction of the locomotive model continues.  It's a big project that I want to surprise with when it's completely finished. I can only outline that the build is not nearly as easy as I imagined. Just figuring out the controls and the principle of travel or motion took a few days. Everything has to be pieced together so that more and more steps follow. Nothing can be done too far in advance. So keep your fingers crossed.


Today, 03/12/2022 I tried to put the whole model together into a working unit. Roman Hanel helped me a lot, because he gave me a FrSky RC kit, and that is a huge thing to work magic with. So I discovered more possibilities and joys of RC control. The next model will be Sergey I can already reveal that it will be on RC control again. The model I am building is very demanding to understand the pieces of the parts. Because some of the parts don't fit or even the instructional drawings are missing. 


12. 07. 2022 Next stage on the model finished. I think the model will be quite watchable. The only thing that annoyed me a bit is that the model is somehow proportionally unbalanced ( I mean the cabins ) Well, somehow it doesn't fit.. But the final effect is good. I'm currently in the stage where I'm trying to find a decal supplier for this model, Because the current professional is out and has too many orders. So I'm looking at other options for lettering the model. 

27.07.2022 Last adjustments before final finish. I'm really looking forward to the shoot. Hopefully everything will go well and soon I will be able to show you photos and videos of the build ... So good luck with the gluing and rest your hands


10.09. 2022 Today I finished one slideshow, which I will put on youtube, together with videos that I took during the construction itself. The model will premiere on 9/26/2022 at 18:00 on youtube in the show WATCH THE TRAIN. I'm curious to see people's reactions all around. The photo gallery is HERE . When I write these lines I already know in advance that I will annoy a lot of people with my imperfection. However, I like the reactions of visitors to the shows. They're pahf from the models.  So when you meet me somewhere, I won't recognize you. I know I have a lot of people following me on social media. So thank you to everyone who supports me.

Well, I guess this is the end of the story about the model. Because I have another challenging piece coming up... 

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