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That is a question worth pondering. I don't know how I got into modeling. I had a big model of an F-15 fighter at home when I was a kid. I don't remember the scale. All I know is that after I glued it together, I wanted to put diodes in it to make it flash... That's how it started. The stationmasters in the family and me the black sheep of the family. So I've been rail crazy since I was a kid. Trains and everything around it is my hobby. I started out on 1:72 aeronautics. Which was good training. However, I wasn't as good at it as the model railroad stuff. Although I don't miss the aviation days, I just don't have the talent for the era. That's why I got more into railroading. First sculptures... jigsaw models... then I thought I could be unique and start gluing something else... So I started building paper models in larger scale. So far I haven't come across any that I make anywhere. I'm sure there is someone out there who builds these models. I'm most pleased with people's reactions. They like it. These are models that they have met or are meeting on our campus. Their joy when they see such a model and the subsequent verbal reaction is always a great honor.


They are not perfect, straight or exactly clean. They are so operational. At each of the shows I learn that they are truer models than the clean and straight ones. 

They say never say never. I'll never really build models as a business. Because then model building becomes a duty and the joy is gone.

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